i’m in love with your brother

August 1, 2006

rice.JPGah, the Knife.  this band is one of the reasons i wanted to start a blog in the first place.  i learned of them through cliptip who pointed me in the direction of their video for “We Share Our Mother’s Health”.  the video was made by Brooklyn-based Japanese animator Motomichi Nakamura, who creates bold pop-art (wonder if he’d hate me using that term) with sharpie markers.  his website features many of his artworks, including the video for “We Share Our Mother’s Health” and flash animations he created for the MTV2 website, and you can also buy awesome silkscreen prints.  go there now.  play the video loud ’til your ears bleed.

the Knife“We Share Our Mother’s Health” is from the Knife’s newest album Silent Shout, a dark journey through the realm of pain.  the title track has a video reminiscent of some great Japanese and Korean horror films.  my favourite track right now is “Pass This On” from their second album Deep Cuts.  the song is both sexy and eerie, sung by one half of the Knife, Karin Dreijer Andersson.  the video is even sexier.  it features Swedish “female illusionist” Rickard Engfors performing the song at what seems to be a talent night or some random social function.  Karin watches from the back of the room, her intense gaze fixed on Rickard while he exchanges smouldering looks with her brother, Olof Dreijer, who makes up the other half of the band.  together, Olof and Karin have released three albums and an entire soundtrack on their own label Rabid RecordsDeep Cuts is probably the most accessible, and features “Heartbeats”, the song made famous by José González, Sony, and those damn bouncy balls.

below are links to downloadable videos (mucho gracias, cliptip), as well as audio for “Heartbeats” for those who haven’t heard the Knife original.   remember to support the artists you like by buying their music, either at your local record store or through one of the online stores linked from the official Knife site.  ;)

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  1. thank you – permantly i forgot the name of the title ;) your blog reminds me of this – by the way im using the same wordpress theme for my sisters blog ;) schmetterlingsprinzessin.wordpress.com – but its german and a really other topic :)

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