work and love will make a man out of you

August 6, 2006

working full timethe Constantines are a Canadian five-piece whose sound is dark, brooding, intense and aggressive.  they’ve been around for over six years now, but i only stumbled onto them earlier this year when i downloaded the video for “Nighttime / Anytime (It’s Alright)”, with its eerily hypnotic ravenous racoons and peanut butter.  then tonight i watched their video for “Working Full Time” and was blown away by the stop-motion animation made up entirely of rocks.  these screencaps do not do it justice – it really has to be seen to be believed.

their sound is amazing.  their videos are fascinating.  i <heart> intelligent rock.

working fulltimebelow are downloadable videos and a couple of mp3s if you haven’t heard the band before (right-click and “save target as…”).  the first two tracks are from their “breakthrough” second album Shine a Light.  the other five are from their 2005 album Tournament of Hearts.  you can buy their albums at all the usual places, or follow the links from their page at Sub Pop Records.

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