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August 8, 2006

the_knife.jpgi know i’ve already posted about the Knife here (and here), but i figured that while i was still somewhat thoroughly obsessed with them, i would post links to the rest of their videos.  i had also uploaded the video for “Pass This On” that i found via torrents before i found the link from cliptip, so for the sake of completeness, i’ve included that below if for some reason you’d prefer an mpg.  also for completeness you’ll find the Röyksopp video “What Else Is There?” which features Karin Dreijer’s stunning vocals.

the Knife released a dvd in 2005 entitled When I Found the Knife that includes six videos from their first two albums, and a “short film” (electronic press kit) which you can also find below.  it was available as a standalone dvd, or is included in a 2-disc edition of Deep Cuts.  “When I Found the Knife Again” is the sequel to “When I Found the Knife”, created for the promotion of Silent Shout.

after updating this post many times, all the videos are now downloadable.  credit goes to Rosa Mannen (who shares her rips via the Pirate Bay) for some of the videos, and cliptip for links to others.  i also downloaded some of the videos from YouTube using this Video Downloader and then re-encoded them using the Super video converter – unfortunately, the quality is only as good as YouTube, but it’s better than nothing.  a final note: please don’t direct-link to any of my files.  you know that’s not nice.  and i could use the visitors!

updated again:  replaced some dead links and added the beautiful new video for “Na Na Na”. 


  1. I love the video and song.
    thanks for posting it

  2. están geniales!!! gracias

  3. I think, what is it ?a serious error.

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