wrapped in lust and lunacy

August 14, 2006

placebo1.jpgi’m sure no one is going to notice, but i decided to change the name of my blog.  i didn’t think the old title really reflected the tone that well.  not that everything on this site will be hard to swallow, or anything.  perhaps i am the bitter pill.  or something.  look, i don’t have to justify myself to you.

anyway, i thought i would share with you the two songs that inspired the old name (now relegated to being a post heading) and the new one.  both are from Placebo‘s second album Without You I’m Nothing released in 1998, undoubtedly their finest work (apart from some of their b-sides).  the album instantly converted me into a fan, and their music played a huge part in the soundtrack to my life at the time.  i have found some of their recent stuff rather lacking, as if they have lost the youthful energy and angst that made them sound so great.  if, for some crazy reason, you haven’t heard Placebo’s earlier albums, they are definitely worth investigating.

One comment

  1. Hi,

    I am a high school student in a media arts class. We are currently working on an assignment which requires us to design a tshirt with either a new or already existing image. I was wondering where you got this image of Placebo, and if I could use this image to place on my tshirt?

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