swallow words like a placebo

August 23, 2006

a friend of mine recently syndicated my blog on LiveJournal, and when i realised that i didn’t even know what that meant, i knew it was time i investigated what all this rss stuff was about.  i’m often pretty slow with these things – i usually don’t bother finding out what something is until i have to use it – so i was pleasantly surprised to find that i no longer had to surf through my favourites in Internet Explorer when i needed a fix of something.  i now use FeedDemon, a Windows-based feed reader, to read all my blogs and any other sites that happen to have feeds.  with its three-pane layout, it kinda reminds me of the good old days of reading newsgroups in Outlook Express.  it does get a little sluggish sometimes, but only ’cause i insist on reading stuff in newspaper view, where it displays entries from different feeds all on one page like one giant, random blog, images and all.  it isn’t a free program, but you can download a trial version.  i only use it over, say, Feedreader, ’cause it’s more aesthetically pleasing.  they both have great features, and Feedreader is free.

anyway, now i spend entirely too much time reading other people’s blogs.  and i keep adding more feeds to FeedDemon.  in this age where everybody has a blog or a website or a fucking MySpace page, i wonder if i’ll ever have time to read everything.  but i suppose i’ll catch up soon.  i still have a frightening amount of unread posts, but it’ll probably get to point where i’ll just mark them all read and pretend they never happened.

in case you want it, here is my feed.


  1. I thought about using a news aggregator program to read all my feeds from, but then I figured that I use my livejournal friends page for much of that and then figured… “hey, why don’t I just use another web-based dohickey for all that?” So I did. And now I use Netvibes.

    But that’s only really good if you don’t have five bazillion feeds to read.

  2. well, yes and no – like i said, FeedDemon can be a little slow sometimes if you have a bazillion feeds (or a computer that should probably be upgraded soon), but at least i can read the posts “offline” and use my precious limited bandwidth for downloads. hehe. i keep meaning to set up an account with an online reader like Bloglines (or Netvibes also looks pretty good) so i can use that to collect and read mailing list newsletters and other stuff that won’t feed into FeedDemon.

    i must say, though, livejournal is a classic. :)

    and woo, my first comment! yay, rachel! ;P

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