thieves and lovers

September 15, 2006

here’s the obligatory follow-up to my recent Constantines post.  (okay, to be honest, i just didn’t want my first post in weeks to be about Rockstar: Supernova.)  my partner zero asked why i hadn’t included an mp3 of “Thieves”.  i explained briefly the legal issues involved, and that although i do upload some of the audio and video myself, some of the links i provide are to files from ‘official’ sources.  but he’s right – “Thieves” is undoubtedly one of the Constantines’ finest songs, and is therefore more likely to make you want to buy a Constantines album.  so here’s the mp3.  hehe.

i am going to try posting more, even if it is just mp3s.  i’m a little surprised how many posts i managed to write before i got distracted.  i’m actually notorious for having a short attention span when it comes to various endeavours.  But i have been busy – i’ve been trying to catch up on the blogs and sites i read, and my news aggregator is still teeming with unread feeds.  i got a purty white 4gb ipod nano (yes, one of the old ones, not the sexy new ones) and spend an unbelievable amount of time filling it with music – probably just because i’m really anal and insist on including stuff like album art and lyrics.  we also upgraded some computer hardware (nothing fancy – just added a 1gb stick of ram, 230gb hard drive, and 256mb video card) which means we’ve been able to play all the games that lack of disk space or crappy hardware prevented us from enjoying – hauled out the old classics like Sims 2 and the Movies, and also some new stuff like Black & White 2 and CivCity: Rome.

but anyway.  enough about me.  for your evaluating pleasure:

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