they don’t make lies like they used to

September 26, 2006

i hate to admit that i was watching FOX News earlier, but in my defence, there was nothing else on, and my BBC World reception was unwatchable.  but i learned that US Homeland Security will officially announce this morning that many of the bans on liquids and gels at US airports are being lifted.  no surprise, really, since Britain has already relaxed their restrictions, and let’s face it, the whole thing was pretty ludicrous.  but before it all gets swept under the carpet and they try to pretend it never happened, i thought i’d draw your attention to this article.

Lieutenant-Colonel (ret.) Nigel Wylde, a former senior British Army Intelligence Officer, has suggested that the police and government story about the “terror plot” revealed on 10th August was part of a “pattern of lies and deceit.”

“The idea that these people could sit in the plane toilet and simply mix together these normal household fluids to create a high explosive capable of blowing up the entire aircraft is untenable,” said Lt. Col. Wylde, who was trained as an ammunition technical officer responsible for terrorist bomb disposal at the Royal Army Ordnance Corps in Sandhurst.

okay, i’m sure lots of people have said or thought this recently.  it’s just nice when someone reputable with actual experience in the subject in question steps up and says something.  it’s a shame the mainstream media would never report on it, but it’s nice all the same. 

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