make them wish they weren’t born

September 28, 2006

i finally got around to watching Bill Clinton’s entire interview that was on FOX News Sunday this past weekend.  personally, i quite like the man.  sure, he was no JFK, but he was one of the least corrupt presidents that the United States has had.  and at least now he’s trying to atone for any misdeeds he may have committed.

(c) Mark Seligeri learned of the interview from a story on the local (New Zealand) prime-time news – i think it was a clip sourced from CNN, which (naturally) focused entirely on Bill’s little outburst.  i must admit, at the time i was thoroughly impressed with the way he dished it out.  i thought it was important to watch the whole interview to put it all into context, but was a little disappointed with what i saw.  don’t get me wrong – everything Clinton said was true, and i applaud him wholeheartedly for finally taking FOX to task.  but i think he could have handled himself a little better.  unfortunately, but also unsurprisingly, he was on the defensive from the get-go.  i don’t blame him – it was FOX News, after all, and interviewer Chris Wallace was patronizing from the very beginning.  but even though he didn’t take the bait, in the end, he still gave them what they wanted – a diversion from the actual information that he was trying to share.  the media outlets are now trying to turn him into a laughing stock (again).  i’m a little surprised FOX even bothered playing the interview in its entirety – they seem to love their little “Clinton goes crazy” montages.  but not everyone’s playing along.  MSNBC anchor/commentator Keith Olbermann had a few choice words to say about the media’s treatment of the issue – and then got stuck into the Bush administration himself.  but i think Jon Stewart sums it up best (god bless the Daily Show).

of course, after i had already found and watched the clips i wanted to link to on YouTube, i stumbled across a great blog called Crooks and Liars that has conveniently posted all the relevant videos in downloadable wmv and mov formats.  not only that, but they also have transcripts from various news stories.  an intelligent site with great content – now officially my New Favourite Blog, and earns a permanent spot on my links list.

one video they didn’t have was of British politician George Galloway ripping shreds off a Sky News anchorwoman; another fine example of how to handle a stupid question.  This time, the issue is the recent Israel-Lebanon conflict – again, it’s a shame the message might be ignored due to all the flying spittle, but it’s always nice when someone reminds a reporter how to do their job.

and i figured that while we were discussing verbal ass-whoopin’s during interviews, i’d post a link to this YouTube clip of FOX News anchor Julie Banderas taking a fanatical christian down a notch or two.  at least they give as good as they get.  (downloadable version below).

update:  Stephen Colbert forgot what the Word was on the Colbert Report the other night.  like everything else, it was all Bill Clinton’s fault.  this is another show that, for reasons unknown, we don’t get here on NZ television, so i have to rely on the internet for my Colbert fix.  thanks to Crooks and Liars for the video – they have tons more Colbert and Daily Show clips if that’s your thing.  and any clip from a FOX News broadcast is usually good for a chuckle.

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