don’t be afraid of something new

October 10, 2006

a friend asked if i knew where to find a video of “Light Surrounding You” by kiwi band Evermore that she could put on her iPod.  always up for a challenge, i had a look around but found only YouTube versions, until i stumbled across an avi on a torrent site.  knowing avi files won’t work on an iPod, i converted it into an m4v file – but not after a few hours of reading tutorials and trying out various programs before i finally ended up with a functioning, iPod-friendly video clip.

Violet Baudelaire trading cardof course, i could have avoided all that hassle if Apple would just open a New Zealand iTunes store.  you would think that people in a country that sells iPods through authorised Apple retailers would also be able to legally purchase digital music and video for said iPod.  the video for “Light Surrounding You”, and many other Evermore songs, are all available at the Australian iTunes store – which only brings me to another point: why does the US iTunes store only have one clip (“Running”)?  i don’t understand the disparity in content between stores – i realise that content will be determined by the record companies in each country, but surely something like the iTunes store is a good way for small or local bands to gain some international exposure and sales.

while i’m not a huge fan of Evermore myself (too emo for me), i’m always eager to promote New Zealand bands when i can, so i thought i would share the video here.  if you’re into whiny music that’s still soulful, you’ll probably like these guys.  if you’re already a fan, but Apple hates you, you can put this one on your iPod until you finally get an iTunes store.  i only found the clip vaguely interesting because it features Emily Browning, whom i adored as Violet Baudelaire in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

if you’re interested in how i converted an .avi into an iPod-playable video, i have included some simple instructions on a separate page

and just in case you don’t already hate Apple, here’s a couple of interesting websites.


  1. I just like the lights… =^P

    And hey, I took that photo! ::points up::

  2. yeah, you did, but i change ’em quite regularly, so it won’t be there for long… thanks, though! ‘specially since i didn’t ask you… ;)

  3. Hey sheepboy thanks for the videoclip of Lights surrounding you. Avi and mp4 both work fine for me. I didn’t bought the iPod. I hate the slow iTunes and the missing availability to just transfer via Windows Explorer so I bought an Samsung Yepp (YP-Z5F) better specs in comparison to Nano from Apple. I didn’t want videos.

    Evermore really rules! I have both cds and I think I discovered it via Myspace because their not famous in The Netherlands (yet). I’m one of the few who has the albums (2nd album is better in my openion by the way)

  4. ulala :P ja tu chciałam jakiejś piosenki poszukać, a tu blog mi wskoczył i jakiś angielski w dodatku xD
    I`m polish jak co , taka wiocha w Europie. Nie żarcik,w końcu muszę być patriotyczna nie ?xP
    No dobra,kończe, bo bzdurry pisze
    The End :D:D

  5. Basia, jak wyczulas ze jestem Polakem? O_o

  6. no to lol ;p:P ej,w życiu bym nie pomyślała że jesteś polakiem xD do głowy by mi to nawet nie przyszło xP ja poprostu szukałam piosenki której fragm masz na blogu i tak jakoś trafiłam,ale myślałam że tu sami anglicy są, no bo blog po angielsku i wogle xD
    Angilskiego nie znam za bardzo więc nie wiem co tam piszesz:P Ej,a ty mieszkasz w Polsce? Kurde, ale numer normalnie yoke ;p

  7. Fantastic post. Thank you!

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