never to be trusted

October 11, 2006

(c) Daryl Cagle - www.slate.comCrooks and Liars has posted a clip from a recent press conference where reporter Stephanie Melveaux foolishly asks Bush a perfectly legitimate question.  watch as he smiles condescendingly while spouting off the usual drivel about how the US has done everything right.

“You’ve asked what we’ve done. We’ve created a framework that will be successful. I don’t — my judgment is, you can’t be successful if the United States is sitting at the table alone with North Korea. You run out of options very quickly if that’s the case. In order to be successful diplomatically, it’s best to have other partners at the table. You ask what we’ve done. We got the six-party talks started. And that’s a positive development. It’s a way to solve this problem diplomatically.”

gee, i hope this all goes as well as that whole Iraq thing.  and as Melveaux pointed out at the beginning of her question, North Korea refuses to attend the six-party talks, and wants to deal with the United States one-on-one.  Bush talks about running out of options – at least the one-on-one talks will provide an opportunity to actually discuss these options.  Bush can’t keep getting China and Russia to do his dirty work for him.  Sure, Kim Jong Il’s pretty crazy, but god, he’s not that scary.

and when all else fails, just blame Clinton.

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