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the view from the afternoon

November 24, 2006

it’s reasons like this that i love New Zealand.  one of my father’s first digital photos, taken on the west coast of the North Island, somewhere between Raglan and New Plymouth.

the view from the afternoon


my secret evening plans

November 19, 2006

CSS suxxx!i’m probably really late jumping on the bandwagon, but how cool are CSS?  known originally as Cansei de Ser Sexy, which means “tired of being sexy” in Portuguese, they abbreviated their name to CSS (probably knowing how badly whitey mangles foreign languages) and named their first album Cansei de Ser Sexy instead.  made up of five girls and one guy from Brazil, the band creates fun, unpretentious, post-punk-dance music (or something – i’m terrible with genres) that probably reminds me of the Knife more than anything else.  the lead vocalist, Lovefoxxx, is cute as a button, like a cross between Björk and Katie Holmes (sans crazy husband).

their debut album exists in two forms – it was initially released in Brazil in 2005, but apparently only sold about 5,000 copies.  their popularity continued to grow, mainly through blogs and Brazil’s version of MySpace, and they later put out a limited edition of their album that came with a blank cd-r so you could burn a copy for a friend.  in 2006, the album was re-released internationally on Sup Pop Records (fast becoming one of my favourite labels).  unfortunately, many of my favourite tracks from the Brazilian release didn’t make it to the international version (it probably didn’t help that a couple were sung in Portuguese), although one has popped up as a b-side so others are likely to follow.  in case they don’t, i’ve included them below, along with all the videos they’ve released so far.  “Off the Hook” and the original version of “Alala” were released in Brazil only – i found them on YouTube and then converted them to QuickTime files, so the quality is average.  “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above” and the second version of “Alala” are promos for the international release of the album and were both directed by Cat Solen. 

if you’ve never heard (or seen) CSS before, at least download the second clip for “Alala” – i guarantee you’ll have the song stuck in your head for days before you finally cave in and admit that you love these guys.


rented rooms

November 18, 2006

my father took this photo at Manukau Heads, north of Auckland.



did you forget to take your meds?

November 8, 2006

Meds singleit’s been a while since Placebo has released a video that i’ve really liked.  it might just be their habit of recycling themes and styles (“Slave to the Wage”, “Special K”, “Infra-Red”), or it may be that they just haven’t had a really great single for a while.  “Because I Want You” was an awesome lead single from their new album Meds, but for some reason, it was released only in the UK.  the rest of the world had “Song to Say Goodbye” as their motivation to buy the new album.  neither single, however, had a particularly good video – “Because I Want You” is a performance clip, while “Song to Say Goodbye” was…  well, let’s face it, a little depressing.

finally, though, they’ve released the standout title track from Meds.  the video was shot while the band was touring, and while the concept is pretty simple, the execution is brilliant, creating a clip that is Fear and Loathing Placebo-style.  the breathy female vocals are courtesy of VV from the Kills, who also makes an appearance in the video.

here are downloadable videos for all the singles from Meds.  the last three were found via antville, which is often one of the first places i go to look for clips.  you can also purchase most Placebo videos on various dvd and cd releases which you can buy online at the official Placebo site.

update:  the latest (and last?) single from Meds is “Follow the Cops Back Home”, one of my favourite tracks from the album, but once again, has a pretty lame video.  i found it at antville, where there is a discussion about whether this is a clever homage to the old slow-motion Maxell adverts, or if it’s just really, really boring.  however, it turns out there’s another version – probably the “official finished version” – on YouTube, which is somewhat more interesting than the one posted at antville (it’s not one long continuous shot, for a start).  and if you still can’t sit through three minutes of excruciating slow motion, here you can watch the entire video in five seconds.  seriously.  anyway, i converted the YouTube clips and have included all versions below.  apparently, this single will be a US-only release, which means many of us won’t be subjected to repeated screenings on music television, but ultimately just makes it harder for collectors like myself to buy the actual single.  


bull in the heather

November 7, 2006

pretty much everyone in my family considers themselves an amateur photographer – but then, who doesn’t these days, what with cellphones and digital cameras.  so, taking another cue from another favourite blog, Daily Dose of Imagery, i thought i would start sharing some of my/our favourite photos.  c’mon, just humour me…

i figured i would start with the image currently gracing this blog’s header.  it was taken by my father a couple of days ago.  i <heart> cows.