we follow mr santa to the end

December 24, 2006

i wanted to squeeze in another post before this year is over, so, being christmas and all, i thought i’d join the hordes of other mp3 blogs in posting this festive remix of the Knife’s “Reindeer” from their self-titled album (although technically, it was recorded before the album version, so i guess that makes this the original?).  now, why can’t all christmas songs be this cool?  (if you go to the official Knife site, you can download a cd cover in pdf format).

oh, and merry christmas to my loyal reader(s).  ;)

One comment

  1. I read! And then I comment about completely unrelated things. Hey, were any of those pics from that day I came over any good? You should email them to me. ::nods:: Or… put them somewhere I can see them. Yeah.

    Hope your Christmas was good, talk to you in 2007 (I’m off camping tomorrow…)!

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