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i started this blog because…  well, everyone needs a soapbox, don’t they?  inspired by great blogs like cliptip and fourfour, i thought this would be a good way to voice my opinions, maybe ramble a bit, and review my favourite media.  i do this for fun, and make no profit from the site.  hey, come on – at least it’s not a myspace page.  ;)

mp3s and videos are provided here for evaluation purposes.  i know everyone just says that, but i do mean it.  if you like the music you download, you should support the artists by buying it.  your local music store is a good place to start (why not support local business too?) but otherwise there are numerous places online, including the band’s official site, Amazon.com, and even the iTunes store.

i will sometimes update a post when i find/upload missing/better quality files.  feel free to bookmark the blog/post and check back later.  alternatively, you can add the feed to your news aggregator or your LiveJournal friends list.  although i don’t intend to post the entire videography of every band i review, i figure that if they have videos scattered around the ‘net, why not compile them all in one place?  do keep in mind that some news aggregators will re-download edited posts, so apologies if duplicates appear in your feed reader if i edit or fix a post.  also, i’ll be the first to admit that the blog usually looks better when viewed directly from the site rather than from a feed reader.

if you’re having trouble playing any of the videos, you can try using VLC Media Player.  this is an easy-to-use video player that plays most video types.  you can also download the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.  this contains a vast number of codecs for both playing and encoding videos, as well as two applications called QuickTime Alternative and Real Alternative.  these will allow you to play any QuickTime and RealPlayer videos in Windows Media Player or the player of your choice.  for information about how to use convert videos for use on a video-capable iPod, go here.

the photographs i use for the blog header and for the image posts were taken from my own collection.  feel free to download any of these photographs, but please don’t redistribute them.  all other images used on this site were found on the internet and are believed to be in the public domain.  i try to give credit where possible.

if you own any of the material posted on or linked to from this site, please think of it as free advertising.  if it’s really an issue for you, contact me and i will remove the offending item.

please don’t hotlink directly to any of my files, but feel free to link to the post or my blog.

and, uh…  enjoy?

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