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then the clouds will open for me

January 3, 2007

the last sunset of 2006, over Auckland.  (photo by Adam)

then the clouds will open for me


down by the water

December 8, 2006

that last photo was taken on the way to this beautiful spot – Marokopa Falls, near Waitomo, New Zealand.

down by the water


the view from the afternoon

November 24, 2006

it’s reasons like this that i love New Zealand.  one of my father’s first digital photos, taken on the west coast of the North Island, somewhere between Raglan and New Plymouth.

the view from the afternoon


rented rooms

November 18, 2006

my father took this photo at Manukau Heads, north of Auckland.



bull in the heather

November 7, 2006

pretty much everyone in my family considers themselves an amateur photographer – but then, who doesn’t these days, what with cellphones and digital cameras.  so, taking another cue from another favourite blog, Daily Dose of Imagery, i thought i would start sharing some of my/our favourite photos.  c’mon, just humour me…

i figured i would start with the image currently gracing this blog’s header.  it was taken by my father a couple of days ago.  i <heart> cows.